In-studio with Mary | Character acting headshots

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Last week, Mary came to my home studio to shoot her character, acting headshots!  It was a ton of fun getting out my studio lights again. Most of my headshot sessions are done outdoors, so this was a very cool change for me.

Between the two of us, we styled (makeup and hair!) and and shot her 3 character looks:

1.  Drama     2. School Teacher/ Receptionist      3. Goth girl/Vampire

Check out her acting website here!

Between her manager, agent, Mary and myself, here are our top 8 final images! Thanks for looking.

Photographing the Photographer and Vice Versa

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A few weeks ago, fellow photographer friend, Nicole Raine, came down to Los Angeles from Seattle to attend a photography conference. She stayed with me for the weekend and we decided to go out to Venice Beach to photograph each other. To have fun. To experiment. To let loose. As much as I don’t completely enjoy being in front of the camera lens, I find it very useful so I can empathize with my clients better. It was a FUN shoot… thanks to the wonderful, Nicole Raine and the excitement of Venice Beach.

Here are some of our favorite shots from each other’s sessions. The turquoise backdrop (ie. gritty wall a block from Venice Beach) was PERFECT as it’s Nicole Raine’s ‘happy color!’ The images I shot of her are posted first (woah — her eyes rock!). As you scroll down, you will see the photos that she took of me. To see her thoughtful insight on our shoot, click to her blog HERE.

BELOW: Photographed, processed & compiled by the fabulous, Nicole Raine Photography.

Lacee's Fashion Shoot

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A team of us ventured the artistic, cool, eclectic, gritty alley ways of Venice Beach to capture the essence and beauty of Lacee. We rocked it! A big thanks to Makeup/Hair artist, Krystal Melton and to my assistant, Amanda Rynda.

Here are just a few of the top selects from our session.

Grayson at 9 months

You may recognize this adorable little boy. His name is Grayson and this is his 3rd photoshoot with me in the series of a”Life of a Baby’s First Year.” Boy, has he grown! I even got to hear his first word of ‘Mama!’ Too cute. It was so wonderful to go to his new house in San Diego. Thanks Borany, Doug & Grayson for an awesome shoot! I look forward the next session – age 1.

Here are some of my favorite images from this session.