Preemie. Newborn. Baby. Cute! {adorable Quinny}

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Quinny is the tiniest, cutest baby I have ever held and seen. Here, she is 8 days old and a whopping 4 lbs and 15 oz. Her amazing parents, Brooke & Eric, couldn’t be more proud of their first addition to their family. Just a few a week ago, I photographed Brooke pregnant and just a year ago I shot their wedding in Malibu! What a special photo shoot this was for all of us. It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know the Taylors and I am very much looking forward to Quinny’s 3 month old photo shoot in August. Stay tuned for those!

Here are our favorite images from this newborn session!

undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined and here’s a cell phone shot of me and Quinny!


Cutie-pie Ashlyn | 2 years old {State Capitol in Olympia}

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Here’s another awesome set of photos featuring 2 year old, Ashlyn, and her parents hanging out around the picturesque grounds of the Washington State’s Capitol in Olympia. This was my first time meeting them. We all had a great time getting to know each other and managed to get some sweet shots! It took some time for Ashlyn to warm-up to me while I took her photo, but as soon as she did, her smile beamed contagiously and she seemed to have a ton of fun. Oh, and gotta love those little blond curls! I think Ashlyn is super-duper cute and I’m excited to see her and her parents again.

A big thanks to Casey Wilson for introducing me to them and for helping us at the photoshoot. To see Casey’s family’s photos at the State Capitol, please click HERE.


Inspirational Sadee Whip | Founder of SuperNatural Energy Balls!

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During my last visit to Seattle, I had the honor of photographing the CEO/Founder of SuperNatural Energy Balls, Sadee Whip. She is beautiful, vivacious and is a big inspiration to me! I whole-heartily love her business and have been using her products for a few months. I have seen great results and couldn’t recommend them more to those who want to THRIVE in life. They give you heaps of natural energy and they even help with weight loss if your body needs it. Basically, they are “remarkable, synergistic, cellular nutrition” and I think everyone could benefit from them! Check out her site –>  here.

Here are Sadee’s top 5 selects from our wonderful photo session:


Identical Twin Boys | Adorable! {Logan + Anthony}

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Logan & Anthony win the happiest baby award in my book! I have never seen such happy babies and I was giddy and inspired the entire time while photographing them. They are SO stinkin’ cute. Their amazing parents, Megan and Mark, say it just right, “Their happiness is contagious!”  I LOVE my job!

Congrats Megan & Mark! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.


University of Washington! Go HUSKIES! {Engagement Session: Julie + Sam}

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Another sweet engagement session here… and this time ON the campus of University of Washington!  I must say this campus is best lookin’ college campus in the country. (yes, I am partial… UW is where I went!)

I met up with Julie & Sam after my morning engagement session with other UW couple, Leslie and Kurt. Again, I had an amazing time capturing these photos. Julie and Sam are adorable! I’m excited to photograph their wedding in July up at the picturesque Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine, Washington.

Here are some of my favorite images from this collection. Thanks for lookin’ & thanks for commenting!

UW HUSKY Stadium | Cherry Blossoms in the Arboretum {An Engagement Session. Leslie + Kurt}

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What a GORGEOUS Seattle day to capture the love of Leslie & Kurt. It was a perfect location. We met at the Arboretum gardens and had a lovely walk and chat while taking lots and lots of photos. I love that the cherry blossoms were still in bloom. Then, we meandered to one of best views of the University of Washington’s HUSKY Stadium to use as a backdrop. This was especially special to them since they are such die-hard UW fans. (GO DAWGS!!! My alma mater too!).  In fact, they chose a fall wedding date when the Husky Football team has a bye-week.

I am very excited to photograph their wedding at The Lake Union Cafe in Seattle. Congrats Leslie & Kurt!

Adorable 2 year old, Brett + State Capitol {Olympia, WA)

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I have known my dear friend, Casey since high-school, so it was an honor to me to capture her 2 year old adorable son, Brett. I met them at Washington’s State Capitol grounds in Olympia. We were so lucky that the weather held up for a few hours. It was the perfect time frame as it poured down later in the afternoon (aaah, typical Northwest weather!).

I had a great time playing and photographing Brett with his loving parents. He loves walking up and down stairs, chatting with anyone and everyone passing by (“Hi, my name’s Brett, what’s yours?”), getting tossed up by his dad, discovering all new and familiar things around him and of course running, a LOT. He is full of wonderful, playful energy!

I am VERY excited to meet their upcoming baby girl this coming summer. I am glad I was able to get a few pregger shots of Casey! Congrats you guys.

Casey loves my “split-toning” color editing process, so you will see this look throughout these images. Here are some of our favorite images from this photo session.

KIDS! Seattle Fisherman's Wharf

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Meet 2 year old cousins, Owen & Zekiah. I met them at Fisherman’s Wharf in Seattle (Magnolia) to capture their cuteness. Their siblings, Justis and Adalyn, joined them in the fun. It was a beautiful day with a cool breeze. We had access to a fun indoor space with drums, guitars, offices, and a very cool retro car. Check it all out!

Baby Jillian + Big Bro Cameron {Seattle}

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Congrats to the Cook Family for the addition of sweet, adorable, Jillian. I met her for the first time at this photo session in their Seattle home. Jillian is 6 weeks young and she’s already full of expressions! Her big bro, Cameron, is super stoked to have a little sister. He is so loving and caring towards her — it melted my heart!

This session is the first of the series in the, “A Year in a Life of a Baby,” collection. I am looking forward to seeing them all during my next visit to Seattle in a few months.

Griffith Park Observatory {Wendy + John | engagement}

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Wendy & John are such a sweet couple! I had a fabulous time capturing their love for one another up at Griffith Park and the famous Observatory. It was a perfect day of sunshine and blue skies. I am very much looking forward to photographing their wedding this summer. Oh, and they found me on YELP! So cool —>