Twins: Isabella & Cristiano

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Getting the chance to photograph twins is always a special treat to me. The Trias-Ruiz family are so sweet. Isabella and Cristiano, 6 month old twins, are already letting the world know how different they really are. Cristiano seems to love attention and is more prone to show is smile, whereas Isabella is a little more camera shy with her darling personality. I also managed to grab some shots of Bruno, their awesome looking Bulldog.

I had a great time capturing everyone…

Congrats to Manny & Marissa for their new and amazing family!






















Congrats Renee & Josh {4 Sweet Locations in Orange County}

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Renee and Josh got married!  It was a lovely, hot, sunny day on August 29, 2009.  It all started at the Inn at Laguna where Renee slipped her gown on. Everyone was laid back and ear to ear with smiles all day long.  Josh, one of the nicest guys ever, saw his bride for the first time on an ocean beach bluff where they were serenaded with love songs by a talented, local, street singer/guitarist. We really couldn’t have timed this more perfectly with him being right there. The background melodies were the perfect addition of the big reveal. It was so sweet!

The Catholic mass ceremony was held a few miles away in Laguna Beach at St. Catherine de Siena. During the ceremony, Renee got so excited that she jumped the gun and kissed Josh before the priest announced, “You may kiss your bride.” It was so endearing and all the guests, including myself, definitely enjoyed this moment.

After the cermony, we took the Limo Hummer to Heisler Park for family formals and wedding party photos. It was a bit of a challenge because it was the most popular weekend of the summer and it was packed with people.  We had limited shade to work with, and a ton of direct (hot)  sun. Not really a photographer’s ideal situation, but with the help of my rockin’ photographer assistant, Chyna Chaun-Farrell, we were able to create our own shade with my translucent reflector.

We then drove to the the reception venue in Rancho Santa Margarita at the Tijeras Creek Golf Course. This beutiful spot is located in rolling terrain surrounded by rugged hillsides. I was able to spend extra time capturing more photos of the bride & groom before the party got started.  The hill top pics are some of my favorites. Here, we had fantastic light; a photographer’s dream.

The party was so much fun. From rock songs of Journey to saucy, booty shakin’ Latin songs, everyone danced the night away……

Congrats Renee and Josh!  Your love for each other amazes me. It’s been a such a sweet delight getting to know you over the year.

Congrats Lindsey & Jason! {a wedding celebration at the seattle golf club}

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What a FUN and beautiful wedding!!  Lindsey and Jason got married on August 22, 2009 at the cool and classy Seattle Golf Club.  Their wedding was a dream.

I’ve known Lindsey for years and I was so honored when she asked me to photograph her wedding. Her family are enthusiastic golfers, so the Seattle Golf Club was the perfect venue. They were surrounded by amazing family & friends and the weather was perfect for us. The food was yummy and the cakes (yes, plural) may just have been the best tasting I have ever had… my personal fav; peanut butter and chocolate. Mmmm… Thanks to the Director of Catering, Jennifer Barnhart and to my wonderful photo assistant, Amber Brickman– everything went smoothly.

Nearly all 200 guests were out on the dance floor getting down to the high-energy, amazing BAND from Oregon called Design Band.  These guys (and rockin’ gal) got everyone, including me, dancing ’til the very end of the wedding. Lindsey and Jason were whisked away in a old fashion car with their friends and families joyfully waving pretty sparklers.

Congrats to you both, Lindsey and Jason. I truly had an amazing time capturing your wedding and I wish you the very, very best!

Hope you enjoy these teasers:




All About You Bootcamp with Elaine & Narina

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The amazing trainers & co-owners of All About You! Wellness Bootcamp asked me to take some headshots and, well, we got lots of great, action shots in our session too. Little bit of yoga, kickboxing, resistance training, football, pilates and more. I had a great time catpuring them at a lovely park in La Cresenta, CA. We had open blue skies and nice, green grass. It’s so pretty up there…. and to imagine this park is only a stone throw away from Downtown Los Angeles.. well, sort of.

A little about All About you! Wellness Bootcamp (taken straight from their sweet website):  “AAY is a unique fitness boot camp that addresses all aspects of your well-being. Each session is designed to challenge you at your own fitness level and to leave you feeling energized and revitalized.”

This statement of theirs is VERY true. I need to start going myself. I’ve gone to 2 weeks of their bootcamp and I felt stronger and healthier with more energy during that time. It was awesome. If you are near the La Cresenta or Glendale areas, I would definitely recommend checking out their website for further details! GO, GO, GO, GO….

Elaine & Narina ~ I’ll see you in Bootcamp soon!  Thanks for a very fun shoot. Here’s a few of my favorite shots from our session:


Protected: Congrats Anna & Josh {Toads, Rain, Peacocks, Corn Fields in COLORADO}

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Testing, testing, testing… Light Fixtures in Maui.

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While I was in Maui, I was playing around with light and how to capture the pretty luminosity ommitting from them. I know. This is random for me. I am a wedding and portrait photographer, but I believe testing other subjects will only help me. Plus it was a lot of fun!

My friend Nels, with Stemm Development, helped me get access to these two stunning locations during the night hours. The first location was the Kapulua Spa. This boutique spa was 5 star, top-notch. The attention detail was insanely cool. I even had time to get a massage here and I have to say, it was the best massage I’ve ever had. Nels was the project manager on the creation of this spa and he did an exquisite job. In this blog post, you will only see photos of the light fixtures. I encourage you to check out the link above, so next time you find yourself in Maui, you will remember to visit it!

The second location is at the Merriman’s Restaurant in Kapulua. I can safely say this restaurant is in my top 3 favorites that I have experienced. The food was so tasty, the ambience amazing, and the views of the ocean & sunsets were out of this world!  I highly recommend eating here and don’t forget to have desert and drinks out on the  point around the lovely fire pit. Nels also was the project manager of this renovation.

So, here are some of my light fixture shots…

Tracie & Bill take "The PLUNGE" in Maui

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Aloha from Maui,

Last Wednesday at high Noon, the day before their wedding,  Bill & Tracie took taking “THE PLUNGE” to a whole new level.  They carefully climbed up the Black Rock Cliff on the coast of Kaanapali and LEAPED into the warm, crystal blue, Puget Sound as our awesome, Hawaiian friend, Wilmont Kahaialii,  blew loudly on his conch shell. The spectators on the beach AND in the water cheered loudly for them.  I loved how Tracie, who was a little hesitant with the 35′ foot cliff, was the first to leap.

It was such a fun spectacle to be part of!  Congrats Tracie and Bill.

Here are the images from my shortest shoot ever (10 minute tops!):

Double Trouble: Adorable cousins at age 2

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Last month, I photographed a sweet & wonderful family in Edmonds, WA.  The stars of the photo session were cousins, Cooper and Adaline. I had a blast capturing them in their prime; craziness!  So fun. We threw dirt, played with water spouts, rode on old-school playground toys, ripped off pieces of bark, and rolled in the grass (ok, maybe not ‘we,’ more like…just Cooper and Adaline!).

We had to wait until the sun was just right to use the old barn as our backdrop– waiting that extra hour was worth every minute. I thought turning the photos into a sepia tone suited this series perfectly. They ended the barn shots with a cute “pound,” signifying it was a WRAP!  And, 

Here are 28 of my favorite images from our session:

Mallory & Dylan's Wedding at the Base of Mt Si

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I have a special bond with this bride as she was the Maid of Honor / younger sister in a wedding I photographed in July 2007.  I was honored when I recieved the phone call from Mallory a year ago asking me to capture her wedding. On July 18, 2009, Mallory and Dylan were very happily married at a Bybee-Nims Blueberry Farm in North Bend, WA sitting at the base of 4167 ft tall Mt. Si.

Wow… what a view.

Mallory & Dylan are so in-love! They’ve been together since high school and it’s very obvious that their love for one another grows each day.  Every shot I took, I saw that sweet, love-sparkle in both of their eyes. During their first glance, I pretty much melted…

Some of my favorite memories of their big day:

  • Their basset hound dog was their ring bearer
  • They had a tier donuts instead of traditional wedding cake
  • Guests played fun lawn games (GO UW HUSKIES!)
  • The first glance
  • Mt Si (btw: this was my first big hike ever as a teenager!)
  • The oh so strong raspberry mojitos (yum)
  • Mike & Kaycie ‘s adorable baby, Henry  (This is the couple who’s wedding I photographed in ’07!)

A big congrats to the newly-weds!

Oh, and I look forward to photographing Mallory’s younger  brother’s wedding next… maybe in 10 years?

Here are a few of my favorites from the day:

Meet Alexandra at 3 months old

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On July 2, 2006, I photographed Tasha & Kyle’s wedding in Leavenworth, WA at the Mountain Springs Lodge.

Three years later…   I am capturing their adorable 3 month old daughter named Alexandra in my home in Los Angeles.

During this awesome photo session, Tasha and I discoverd we both knew the words of some French Songs. We were signing them to Alexandra to make her giggle and it worked!

“Oooooooh, Alouette, gentille alouette”……. then to “Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques” ….. Oh, this brings me back to French Class in high school and college.

Alexandra is full of expressions.  What a fun age to photograph. She’s a cutie-pie and I am looking forward to watching her grow.  I’m so honored that Tasha & Kyle has kept me in their family as their photographer!

Here are some of my favorite images from our photoshoot: