United Tire Alignment {commercial photoshoot}

Last May, the friendliest & most professional car shop hired me for a photoshoot! (yep, I don’t just photograph weddings, engagements and babies. I enjoy a good mix of photoshoots!)

United Tire Alignment is the best because of the amazing ownership and professionalism of Nova and his family. I live in West LA area and I drive 40 minutes to N. Hollywood get my oil changed from Nova every 3 months. I do this because I  trust him 100% and that’s huge in the car industry! I recently got new tires from them and thanks to Nova, my Honda Element glides now!  I highly recommend them.. check their fabulous review on YELP.

Here are my favorite shots from our session. Soon they will be up on their website!












Commercial Photoshoot : Solar Panels Tearsheet

I am definitely a proud WEDDING & PORTRAIT photographer. However, during my off-season throughout 2009, I have traveled all over California to capture huge solar panel structures for a world-wide company called Sunpower. The global, photography production company, OnRequest Images has hired me for 8 shoots so far and I couldn’t be happier with all the results. I have climbed 55 ft ladders, operated 60′ cherry pickers, climbed on uneven rooftops and drove many, many miles to document these amazing solar panels. Slowly but surely, my fear of heights are dissipating. I’ve come to love photographing Solar Panels. I feel like I am part of the clean energy movement and that, I tell ya, is very satisfying. Plus, there’s something so calm about being 60 feet high surrounded by the nature. Here are some scans of  tearsheets and a few shots of me in action!

Scans of Tear Sheets:

nicole-goddard-photography_-tear-sheet_-ori_ Solar Panels, Sunpower

nicole-goddard-photography_tear-sheet_ori_sunpower_solar panels

Below are the behind-the-scenes of me in action! Who would have guessed a wedding photographer is now also shooting Solar Panels. I really love the diversity!

Behind the Scenes, Solar Panels, Crane

Nicole Goddard Photography_ Behind the Scenes_ Sunpower

Behind the Scenes of Nicole Goddard Photography_ Solar Panels, Sunpower

Testing, testing, testing… Light Fixtures in Maui.

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While I was in Maui, I was playing around with light and how to capture the pretty luminosity ommitting from them. I know. This is random for me. I am a wedding and portrait photographer, but I believe testing other subjects will only help me. Plus it was a lot of fun!

My friend Nels, with Stemm Development, helped me get access to these two stunning locations during the night hours. The first location was the Kapulua Spa. This boutique spa was 5 star, top-notch. The attention detail was insanely cool. I even had time to get a massage here and I have to say, it was the best massage I’ve ever had. Nels was the project manager on the creation of this spa and he did an exquisite job. In this blog post, you will only see photos of the light fixtures. I encourage you to check out the link above, so next time you find yourself in Maui, you will remember to visit it!

The second location is at the Merriman’s Restaurant in Kapulua. I can safely say this restaurant is in my top 3 favorites that I have experienced. The food was so tasty, the ambience amazing, and the views of the ocean & sunsets were out of this world!  I highly recommend eating here and don’t forget to have desert and drinks out on the  point around the lovely fire pit. Nels also was the project manager of this renovation.

So, here are some of my light fixture shots…