TWINS!!! Miles & Sidney turn one {Color theme birthday party!}

It was such an honor when my talented, fellow photographer friend, Amanda, asked me to photograph her twins first birthday party. Boy, was it colorful and fun! Miles & Sidney were surrounded by their friends and family… and the VIP was their 96 year old great-grandma who flew in town to celebrate with them.  Now, that is super special. These 2 boys are so cute, each with their unique, sweet personalities.

Happy 1st Birthday, Miles and Sidney! xo


Seattle Arboretum Family Photos {Sweet Andersons!}

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What a LOVELY and fun day at the Seattle Arboretum. One of my favorite parks for photos shoots and some of my new favorite clients, The Andersons! They are simply awesome.

Lifestyle Newborn Photo Shoot in Las Vegas {Isaac}

Meet 10 day old Isaac! I flew out to Las Vegas to capture this little bundle of joy. His parents are so proud! He’ll be one years old in just 2 more months – time sure does fly! Can’t wait to go back for our 4th session in his 1st year of life. I absolutely love capturing the “Bump to Baby” photo series!

Newborn Harrison :: SUPER DUPER CUTE!

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Welcome to the world, Harrison. I can’t get over the cuteness of sweet Baby Harry. I shot these in his Santa Monica house with his loving older sister, Annabelle and amazing parents, Heather and Spencer! I hope you enjoy these.

TWINS! {Matty & Reily}

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I met the lovely O’Keefe family while photographing their friend’s Annabelle’s 1st birthday party in Santa Monica, CA. I was delighted when they called me to photograph their 2 year old adorable twins, Matty & Reily. They are so cute! Hope you enjoy these photos.


Kiddos under Venice Beach Pier. Fun personalities & hipster outfits {Resich Family}

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I have been photographing the Resich Family for a few years now, and I must say that this photo session under the Venice Beach Pier may just be my favorite one to date! We had a blast and I think the photos will speak for themselves. LOVED the hipster-like outfits and Sully and Dempsey’s personalities were peaking to the fullest. LOVE. I can’t wait to photograph new baby girl, Hattie!

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Owen of many cute faces! {7 months}

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Ooooh, yesssss…. another adorable baby to showcase. I photographed 7 month old Owen and his parents in Marina Del Rey, CA at the amazing Burton W. Chase Park. His adorable facial expressions are so stinkin’ cute!

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{Umbrellas, Giggles & Puddles} An Autumn Day with the Hogland Family

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Check out the adorable Hogland family. Hanging out with them on a typical autumn, rainy Seattle day was quite fun!  Giggles, puddles, and umbrellas, oh my! Hope you all enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed capturing them.


Grayson in his Fedora Hat | Huntington Beach

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Aaaaah, the “First Year of a Baby’s Life” with Grayson has come to a sweet end (well, for now, until I photograph his soon to be baby brother!). He is now one years old and the shoot went great! We met in Huntington Beach where the weather and light was absolutely perfecto! Grayson wore the cutest outfit with such a suiting beach-like, straw Fedora hat. This was his first time ever at the beach, so there was a lot to explore and see…. even got a little wet in the chilly ocean at the end of our session. What a great shoot to wrap this baby series!


Preemie. Newborn. Baby. Cute! {adorable Quinny}

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Quinny is the tiniest, cutest baby I have ever held and seen. Here, she is 8 days old and a whopping 4 lbs and 15 oz. Her amazing parents, Brooke & Eric, couldn’t be more proud of their first addition to their family. Just a few a week ago, I photographed Brooke pregnant and just a year ago I shot their wedding in Malibu! What a special photo shoot this was for all of us. It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know the Taylors and I am very much looking forward to Quinny’s 3 month old photo shoot in August. Stay tuned for those!

Here are our favorite images from this newborn session!

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