Jon & Jen get married from the highest spot in Seattle {1st blog posting!}

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WoooHoooo!  This is my first official blog post on an urban wedding I photographed on April 18, 2009.

Jen & Jon’s wedding was flawless… everything was timed perfectly and we had plenty of time for pre-ceremony photos– a wedding photographer’s dream come true.

I always get giddy while setting up THE FIRST GLANCE during weddings.  I feel so fortunate to get to witness and capture such raw and wonderful emotions of brides & grooms seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day. I think it’s important to arrange this special moment in a private setting where no one is around ooooh’ing and aaaah’ing. This way they can genuinely share a once in a life time moment together and exchange smiles, tears and loving words with each other (with me shooting with a longer lens, of course).  I really get the chills and LOVE , LOVE these moments. During this occasion, while Jen was approaching Jon, tears were gathering in her eyes, so she attemped to dry them with waving her hands over her face to make sure her makeup wouldn’t run. This is one of my favorite, emotional, moments I captured during their fun-filled wedding.


After the first glace and family photos, the wedding party and I had so much fun spending our time exploring the streets and sites of downtown Seattle and stopping at all the sweet spots for photo ops. Both Jon and Jen are really into fitness, so we got them doing pushups, standups and all!  I never imagined taking photos of the groom doing pushups in his suit. AWESOME.



When Jon & Jen look at each other, I see a magical twinkle in their eyes. Their love is so great for each other, that they chose the HIGHEST building in Seattle to tie the knott-  THE COLUMBIA TOWER CLUB.  It was a classy, modern wedding set in a cocktail party theme. I had a fantastic time and even stayed an hour or so later to mingle!

Congratulations, JON AND JEN LYON!


Jen told me that she uses this image as her computer desktop.




I told you we were high. I took this photo from the bathroom window. (Yep, the bathroom!)




Click the play button to view Jen & Jon’s wedding.