Adorable 2 year old, Brett + State Capitol {Olympia, WA)

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I have known my dear friend, Casey since high-school, so it was an honor to me to capture her 2 year old adorable son, Brett. I met them at Washington’s State Capitol grounds in Olympia. We were so lucky that the weather held up for a few hours. It was the perfect time frame as it poured down later in the afternoon (aaah, typical Northwest weather!).

I had a great time playing and photographing Brett with his loving parents. He loves walking up and down stairs, chatting with anyone and everyone passing by (“Hi, my name’s Brett, what’s yours?”), getting tossed up by his dad, discovering all new and familiar things around him and of course running, a LOT. He is full of wonderful, playful energy!

I am VERY excited to meet their upcoming baby girl this coming summer. I am glad I was able to get a few pregger shots of Casey! Congrats you guys.

Casey loves my “split-toning” color editing process, so you will see this look throughout these images. Here are some of our favorite images from this photo session.

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