Congrats to Jenny & Conan | DeLille Cellars | Woodinville, WA

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The first time I met Jenny & Conan was on Friday, July 17th — their wedding day.  This was my second time shooting at the DeLille Cellars in Woodinville, Washington. I am so happy I was given the opportunity to shoot there again since the first time I was there, it was raining cats and dogs! I never got to see the stunning grounds until this beautiful day.  The weather was perfect and I felt such a wonderful connection and love between Jenny & Conan.

Their ceremony was officiated by Jenny’s father and they had 15 children in their wedding party! I was shocked how well behaved all the kids were. Such a dream. Congrats Jenny & Conan.  May you live a long and happy life together!

Here are some of my favorite images from the day:

Congrats Jordan & Randy :: Fireworks in Malibu :: 4th of July

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I really could not have asked to spend my 4th of July at a better party!  This year, on one of my favorite holidays, I photographed Jordan & Randy’s wedding celebration. The wedding venue was held at the house where Jordan grew-up in…. in the Malibu, CA.

The large, purple Jacaranda Tree blossomed just a few days before their big day. They were thrilled as was I!

I love vivid colors, amazing wedding food, and pretty table tops.  Their wedding extraordinaire/ coordinator/ culinary chef/ florist Paul Bott , made their day flawless & stunning. I can safely say, that the food was the BEST I have ever had. Plus it was gluten free. Simply amazing.

During the ceremony, Jordan’s sister, maid-of-honor, sang a very heart-felt song that she wrote– I had to hold back my tears. Now, I try not to get emotional at weddings I photograph because I need my eyes to be clear so I can take sharp photos. At this point of the ceremony, this was very difficult for me. I am not sure if I have ever been so moved during a ceremony when she got on her keyboard.

And, let’s not forget about the Sparklers and Fireworks. Enough said!


And, here’s the slideshow with the music of Randy & Jordan’s choice:

Congrats to Tina & Sung Min…. oooh, Lavender fields and the Oak Tree Grove

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July 27th, 2009, Tina & Sung Min tied the knot at the stunning resort in Highland Springs, CA. Their wedding was 2 weeks after the Lavender Festival and it was a perfect, sunny, blue-sky kind of day. Everyone was relaxed & full of smiles for this special day. I had a fabulous time capturing all the moments, even when I didn’t understand a word of Korean during the ceremony. The landscape of the Highland Springs Resort is really a photographer’s dream — full of purple lavender, 900 acres to play with, textured oak trees, big open skies, and a shadowed ceremony location.

Getting to know Tina & Sung Min over the last several months has been amazing. A few weeks back, I had blogged about their Engagement Session I had with them in Malibu. I wish them all the best in the world as their lives join in Portland, Maine.

A big thank you to my good friend, Sarah Golonka, who helped make this day go smoothly for me.

Here are a few of my favorites (and don’t forget to watch the photo slideshow at the end of this entry):

Meet Paul Bott: Wedding Extraordinaire

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On the 4th of July in Malibu, I was given the opportunity to work the world-renowned  PAUL BOTT.  Paul has 3 decades of experience catering events and weddings around the country. He is passionate about life, always has fresh ideas, and cooks the most delicious food with impeccable presentations. He has exquisite style, can solve many issues within seconds, and can effortlessly create a dream come true atmosphere for any bride. Kudos to you Paul.

His current promotion piece are compiled of 6 images I photographed. Here it is:

I will be blogging about this stunning wedding soon!

Stay tuned…. and… LIVE PASSIONATELY!

Liz & David's Malibu Wedding Slideshow

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I had such a great time creating this montage of photos for Liz & David. The song they chose suits them so well! Please take 4 minutes and 22 seconds to view their slideshow. Thanks for checkin’ it out!!!

Entered my 1st photo Contest

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This month, I am celebrating my first FULL year with Nicole Goddard Photography.  I’ve been shooting professionally for 8 years while holding other photography type jobs. I took the leap to fly totally solo August 2008 and haven’t really caught my breath- it’s been busy! I have loved every minute of it and continue to pinch myself. I’ve been fortunate to get travel a lot this year with my photography, including going to places like:  Mexico, Colorado, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, and even Thailand & Hong Kong. In a few weeks I’ll be flying down to Maui to photograph another fun wedding. Life’s good.

For one of my many 1sts as a full-time photographer, I just entered a photo contest with Star Shooter (  The proceeds will be benefiting a non-profit organization for children. So far with this contest, they have raised $4500.  I found about this via TWITTER and I am thrilled to be entering this contest. Wish me luck!

So here’s the story:  A few days after photographing a wedding in Baja Mexico, I went to Cabo San Lucus for a few days to begin the 2009 off with a fresh start. While on an early morning beach stroll, I stumbled across sea turtles being hatched. I happened to have my camera with me!  WOW. Some people have to wait an entire lifetime to witness this miracle. I feel so fortunate to have been there to capture this precious moment. Here’s my photo entry:

And, here’s the wedding that brought me down to Mexico. Beth & Scott’s wedding was a dream for me. PERFECT weather. Amazing families. Loving couple. Awesome colors. The beach. Yummy food. And, I even got 60% of the guests, including bride, mother of bride, mother of groom IN the pool at the end of the night.  IT WAS A PARTY!  

They got married at the beautiful Cabo Surf on January 3, 2009. CONGRATS BETH & SCOTT!

Meet Sully | 3 months old

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This last week was my second photo session with baby Sullivan (aka Sully). I started photographing her at 9 days old and she was like putty– I could move her in any which way;  so serene & peaceful. She’s now 3 months old and, wow, has she grown!  Sully is such an adorable, chubby, smily, loving baby girl.

Her family has hired me to photograph her during this ever-changing first year of her life.  I just love seeing little ones grow. The next 2 sessions are when she’s 6 months and 1 year old!  As an extra bonus, I get to play with her older brother, Dempsey, who’s super active, fun and loves his little sister. He was more interested in playing with the glass sliding door than his other toys!

See you in 3 more months, sweet pea!

Liz & David get MARRIED in Malibu!

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Congrats to Liz & David!

I have had the pleasure to get to know them over these last several months and I am so happy they have come into my life.  With a mixture of Jewish & Mexican traditions, the releasing of friendly butterflies after the ceremony, the true love floating in the air, David and Liz’s wedding was amazing.  They were married on June 20, 2009 at the 1930, Spanish-style, gorgeous Adamson House.  A big thanks to their awesome wedding coordinator, Kelly Demaray, my second photographer, Leslie Talley, my assistant, Justin Hollenkamp, makeup artist Surjaya Cruz and legendary videographer Roberto Fonseca.

Here are some sneak peaks:


Malibu Beach at Sunset. Engagement Session. Tina & Sung Min

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About 8 months ago I get a phone call from Tina in New York. She tells me she’s getting married here and SoCal! An hour later of fabulous conversation, her decision is made up on her wedding photographer choice. I am beyond thrilled! This past Tuesday, I finally got the opportunity to meet her and her fiance, Sung Min and take photos of them for their engagement session.

Sung Min, born in Korea, now lives in Germany;  and Tina, born in Canada, now lives in New York– they come from a far to tie the knott. This coming Saturday, I will be photographing their wedding and I can’t wait for it.

Here are a few shots from our e-session! And, at the bottom is the music slideshow.