Identical Twin Boys | Adorable! {Logan + Anthony}

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Logan & Anthony win the happiest baby award in my book! I have never seen such happy babies and I was giddy and inspired the entire time while photographing them. They are SO stinkin’ cute. Their amazing parents, Megan and Mark, say it just right, “Their happiness is contagious!”  I LOVE my job!

Congrats Megan & Mark! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.


Adorable 2 year old, Brett + State Capitol {Olympia, WA)

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I have known my dear friend, Casey since high-school, so it was an honor to me to capture her 2 year old adorable son, Brett. I met them at Washington’s State Capitol grounds in Olympia. We were so lucky that the weather held up for a few hours. It was the perfect time frame as it poured down later in the afternoon (aaah, typical Northwest weather!).

I had a great time playing and photographing Brett with his loving parents. He loves walking up and down stairs, chatting with anyone and everyone passing by (“Hi, my name’s Brett, what’s yours?”), getting tossed up by his dad, discovering all new and familiar things around him and of course running, a LOT. He is full of wonderful, playful energy!

I am VERY excited to meet their upcoming baby girl this coming summer. I am glad I was able to get a few pregger shots of Casey! Congrats you guys.

Casey loves my “split-toning” color editing process, so you will see this look throughout these images. Here are some of our favorite images from this photo session.

KIDS! Seattle Fisherman's Wharf

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Meet 2 year old cousins, Owen & Zekiah. I met them at Fisherman’s Wharf in Seattle (Magnolia) to capture their cuteness. Their siblings, Justis and Adalyn, joined them in the fun. It was a beautiful day with a cool breeze. We had access to a fun indoor space with drums, guitars, offices, and a very cool retro car. Check it all out!

Baby Jillian + Big Bro Cameron {Seattle}

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Congrats to the Cook Family for the addition of sweet, adorable, Jillian. I met her for the first time at this photo session in their Seattle home. Jillian is 6 weeks young and she’s already full of expressions! Her big bro, Cameron, is super stoked to have a little sister. He is so loving and caring towards her — it melted my heart!

This session is the first of the series in the, “A Year in a Life of a Baby,” collection. I am looking forward to seeing them all during my next visit to Seattle in a few months.

Sullivan's VERY Merry Un-Birthday {Alice in Wonderland Inspired}

An outdoor celebration of Sullivan’s birthday in ONE-derland was so fun, adorable and simply wonderful! I watched and photographed her grow from day 10 to 1 years old. Her parents really went all out for her 1st year in life with amazing detail, yummy food, dressed-up friends, face-painting, a tea-party, pretty flowers, grass cupcakes, and really, anything Alice in Wonderland like. SUPER CUTE! Little Sully (her nick-name) seemed to enjoy herself along with her big bro, Dempsey, and all the other little kiddos and parents.

Here are my favorite images from Sully’s VERY Un-Birthday party.

Sweet Skye + her parents

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This is my 3rd photo shoot with Skye. I photographed her and her awesome parents in their backyard in Marina Del Rey. Skye is a total character! She wants to be a dancer and actress. She directed herself in such cute poses and expressions– I have never seen any other 6 year old to them! She’s a natural.

Alex turns ONE!

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“A Year in Life of a Baby” series is over for baby Alex! He is ONE now and his big sister, Claire, celebrated with all smiles. Another fun photo shoot for me. I hope you enjoy these!!!

Grayson at 9 months

You may recognize this adorable little boy. His name is Grayson and this is his 3rd photoshoot with me in the series of a”Life of a Baby’s First Year.” Boy, has he grown! I even got to hear his first word of ‘Mama!’ Too cute. It was so wonderful to go to his new house in San Diego. Thanks Borany, Doug & Grayson for an awesome shoot! I look forward the next session – age 1.

Here are some of my favorite images from this session.

Meet Cameron – 3 Year Old, Adorable Athlete!

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Cameron may be the most athletic 3 year old I have ever shot in my 10 years in business. Wow. I mean, we got him on the long board, he kicked the soccer ball around, he rode his bike, posed with his dad’s surf board, and played with his fire trucks. He’s an active kid… and he’s adorable! Thanks Cook Family for making this a very fun photo shoot for me.

Wishing you the best with your new baby girl. I can’t wait to meet and photograph her!

Here are my favorite shots from our photo session. I hope you enjoy them.

Meet sweet Kendall | 10 months old

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Last month I had the pleasure of going to Libby, David & Kendall’s home in Seattle to capture them in their cute backyard for their holiday card. It was a cool, crisp fall day and 10 month old, Kendall was in such fun, sweet spirits.  She started off timid and shy, but as she warmed up to me (and as Libby & David jumped around like fun goofballs behind me), we got some great giggles and smiles. I hope you enjoy these!