Classic, Elegant & Simple | An Autumn, Seattle Wedding Celebration | Anne + Brian

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My first time meeting Brian, the groom, was minutes before he saw his stunning bride, Anne. He was calm, collective & cool; anticipating their first glance in front of the Alexis Hotel downtown Seattle. I set-up the first glance alongside the hotel making sure it was clear of people. I absolutely LOVE this moment. It’s a time when brides & grooms can have an intimate moment seeing each other for the very first time on their wedding day. They can exchange sweet, loving words and even have time to shed a few tears of joy during this once in a lifetime moment. And, during this, there aren’t 200 set of eyes of them, just me from afar with a long lens capturing every second. Anne and Brian’s expressions were transparent of the love they have for each other, not just during their first glance, but also throughout the entire day. The rest of day unfolded beautifully, full of smiles & sunshine. It was brisk fall day, October 10, 2009. The autumn colors were beaming of reds, oranges and yellows which perfectly tied into the wedding day color scheme. We took the ‘formal’ shots of the wedding party near the Seattle iconic Kerry Park and met the family at the most beautiful Catholic Church called Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in the University District followed by their lovely ceremony. The reception was held at The Canal in Ballard!  So much fun. A special thanks to Melissa Parker with Amazing Events and my amazing photography assistant, Amber Brickman. Congrats Anne and Brian!! I had such awonderful time capturing your wedding. 01_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_4229 02_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_1935 03_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_1967 04_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_1985 05_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_2020 06_101009_NicoleGoddard_anne_shoes 08_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_2043 09_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_2060 10_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_2095 11_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_2108 12_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_2131 13_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_2154 14_101009_NicoleGoddard 16_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_2223 17_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_2231 18_101009_NicoleGoddard_firstglance 19_101009_NicoleGoddard_FirstGlanceHug 24_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_2307 26_101009_NicoleGoddard_ 25_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_4286 29_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_2349 30_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_4363 31_101009_NicoleGoddard_girls 37_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_2418 38_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_2462 42_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_4424 43_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_4460 44_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_4469 45_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_4472 46_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_4569 47_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_4647 48_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_4665 49_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_2671 50_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_4850 51_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_2745 52_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_2757 53_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_2788 54_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_4889 55_101009_NicoleGoddard_ceremonyKiss 57_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_2898 58_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_2909 59_101009_NicoleGoddard_details 63_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_3158 64_101009_reception_laughter 66_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_3332 67_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_3348 68_101009_bouquet-toss 69_101009_dancing 75_101009_NicoleGoddard_MG_3445_father_daughter_dance

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