Commercial Photoshoot : Solar Panels Tearsheet

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I am definitely a proud WEDDING & PORTRAIT photographer. However, during my off-season throughout 2009, I have traveled all over California to capture huge solar panel structures for a world-wide company called Sunpower. The global, photography production company, OnRequest Images has hired me for 8 shoots so far and I couldn’t be happier with all the results. I have climbed 55 ft ladders, operated 60′ cherry pickers, climbed on uneven rooftops and drove many, many miles to document these amazing solar panels. Slowly but surely, my fear of heights are dissipating. I’ve come to love photographing Solar Panels. I feel like I am part of the clean energy movement and that, I tell ya, is very satisfying. Plus, there’s something so calm about being 60 feet high surrounded by the nature. Here are some scans of ¬†tearsheets and a few shots of me in action!

Scans of Tear Sheets:

nicole-goddard-photography_-tear-sheet_-ori_ Solar Panels, Sunpower

nicole-goddard-photography_tear-sheet_ori_sunpower_solar panels

Below are the behind-the-scenes of me in action! Who would have guessed a wedding photographer is now also shooting Solar Panels. I really love the diversity!

Behind the Scenes, Solar Panels, Crane Nicole Goddard Photography_ Behind the Scenes_ Sunpower Behind the Scenes of Nicole Goddard Photography_ Solar Panels, Sunpower

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