Congrats Renee & Josh {4 Sweet Locations in Orange County}

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Renee and Josh got married!  It was a lovely, hot, sunny day on August 29, 2009.  It all started at the Inn at Laguna where Renee slipped her gown on. Everyone was laid back and ear to ear with smiles all day long.  Josh, one of the nicest guys ever, saw his bride for the first time on an ocean beach bluff where they were serenaded with love songs by a talented, local, street singer/guitarist. We really couldn’t have timed this more perfectly with him being right there. The background melodies were the perfect addition of the big reveal. It was so sweet! The Catholic mass ceremony was held a few miles away in Laguna Beach at St. Catherine de Siena. During the ceremony, Renee got so excited that she jumped the gun and kissed Josh before the priest announced, “You may kiss your bride.” It was so endearing and all the guests, including myself, definitely enjoyed this moment. After the cermony, we took the Limo Hummer to Heisler Park for family formals and wedding party photos. It was a bit of a challenge because it was the most popular weekend of the summer and it was packed with people.  We had limited shade to work with, and a ton of direct (hot)  sun. Not really a photographer’s ideal situation, but with the help of my rockin’ photographer assistant, Chyna Chaun-Farrell, we were able to create our own shade with my translucent reflector. We then drove to the the reception venue in Rancho Santa Margarita at the Tijeras Creek Golf Course. This beutiful spot is located in rolling terrain surrounded by rugged hillsides. I was able to spend extra time capturing more photos of the bride & groom before the party got started.  The hill top pics are some of my favorites. Here, we had fantastic light; a photographer’s dream. The party was so much fun. From rock songs of Journey to saucy, booty shakin’ Latin songs, everyone danced the night away…… Congrats Renee and Josh!  Your love for each other amazes me. It’s been a such a sweet delight getting to know you over the year.

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