Cutie-pie Ashlyn | 2 years old {State Capitol in Olympia}

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Here’s another awesome set of photos featuring 2 year old, Ashlyn, and her parents hanging out around the picturesque grounds of the Washington State’s Capitol in Olympia. This was my first time meeting them. We all had a great time getting to know each other and managed to get some sweet shots! It took some time for Ashlyn to warm-up to me while I took her photo, but as soon as she did, her smile beamed contagiously and she seemed to have a ton of fun. Oh, and gotta love those little blond curls! I think Ashlyn is super-duper cute and I’m excited to see her and her parents again.

A big thanks to Casey Wilson for introducing me to them and for helping us at the photoshoot. To see Casey’s family’s photos at the State Capitol, please click HERE.


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