Double Trouble: Adorable cousins at age 2

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Last month, I photographed a sweet & wonderful family in Edmonds, WA.  The stars of the photo session were cousins, Cooper and Adaline. I had a blast capturing them in their prime; craziness!  So fun. We threw dirt, played with water spouts, rode on old-school playground toys, ripped off pieces of bark, and rolled in the grass (ok, maybe not ‘we,’ more like…just Cooper and Adaline!).

We had to wait until the sun was just right to use the old barn as our backdrop– waiting that extra hour was worth every minute. I thought turning the photos into a sepia tone suited this series perfectly. They ended the barn shots with a cute “pound,” signifying it was a WRAP!  And, 

Here are 28 of my favorite images from our session:

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  1. Maggi
    September 8, 2009

    These photos are spectacular Nicole. Each image captures individual personality and highlights the joyous actions of just being..well, young! I think these are exceptional. My favorite portraits of my sons are those that bring their spirits forward.
    The cousins just beam!
    Love, maggi


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