Max turns 3 months one day shy of his parents 1st anniversary

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Giggles ::  Hanukkah :: Christmas :: Parents 1st year anniversary :: Max had a fun filled photoshoot. Since this is his 2nd shoot with me, I’d say he’s getting used to me. hehe… This shoot with the Blunt Family is the 2nd session out of the “Year in the Baby’s Life” series I offer. His parents, Rebecca and Zack, celebrated their year anniversary over this shoot weekend of December 19, 2009. I photographed their wedding December 20, 2008. Ok, this time for you to do the math. Max is 3 months old. Max is super adorable and I feel so lucky to get the opportunity to photograph him as he gets older and older! I am now about to blog about the mini-shoot we did while Max was napping. You will soon see the images of JUST Rebecca & Zack. Happy Anniversary you too! Here are some of my favorites from Max’s session: 01_121909_NicoleGoddard_MG_0385 02_121909_NicoleGoddard_MG_0585 03_121909_NicoleGoddard_MG_0423 04_121909_NicoleGoddard_MG_0469 05_121909_NicoleGoddard_MG_0526 06_121909_NicoleGoddard_MG_0495 07_121909_NicoleGoddard_MG_0001 08_121909_NicoleGoddard_MG_0363 09_121909_NicoleGoddard_MG_0005 10_121909_NicoleGoddard_MG_0055 11_121909_NicoleGoddard_MG_0026 12_121909_NicoleGoddard_MG_0094 13_121909_NicoleGoddard_MG_0557 14_121909_NicoleGoddard_MG_0359 15_121909_NicoleGoddard_MG_0393 16_121909_NicoleGoddard_MG_0635 17_121909_NicoleGoddard_MG_0646 18_121909_NicoleGoddard_MG_0664 19_121909_NicoleGoddard_MG_0669

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