Tracie & Bill | A Maui Wedding Celebration

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MAUI! One of my most favorite places on earth. There’s something so magical about Maui. It’s so hard to peel myself away from there.  Maybe one day I’ll relocate to this island? Aaaah….. I’ll quit with my day dreaming now.  Ok…….. Here’s Tracie and Bill. They have known each other since they were about 8 years old! Their ‘save-the-date’ was an adorable black & white photo of the them together when they knew each other as children. They have come a LONG ways. They got married on September 3, 2009 at the Sheraton Maui Resort and Spa in Kaanapali. This trip was Bill & Tracie’s first time ever in Maui. We even snuck in a 5 minute ‘trash the dress’ shoot of them jumping of Black Cliff. To see those photos click here. It was a spectacle, really. We did deal with lots of gusty winds and very bright sun.. but overall… the day was beautiful and the timeline was seamless. During the toasts, a colorful rainbow appeared and so, during dinner we had a small amount of rain. But, no-one seemed to flinch.  You know what that means… GOOD LUCK! From everyone (80 guests) singing “Sweet Caroline” to having an AMAZING sunset, their wedding was a dream come true. To see their web-gallery to a sweet song, please click here. Congratulation Tracie & Bill. Cheers to a long, beautiful life together. Aloha. 001_090309_nicolegoddard 003_090309_nicolegoddard 004_090309_nicolegoddard 009_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_4918-2 005_090309_nicolegoddard 015_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_5101 017_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_5150........ 018_090309_nicolegoddard......... 021_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_5290...... 022_090309_nicolegoddard.......... 023_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_5032-2......... 024_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_5602 025_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_5648_Father_Daughter 026_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_5065-2_Ceremony 027_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_5670_ceremony 028_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_5687_sand_pouring 029_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_5708.....Ceremony_Ring 030_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_5714_Ceremony Kiss 031_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_5727_after Ceremony 032_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_5739_after Ceremony 033_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_5814_signing 035_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_5903_Corona 041_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_6042_bride and groom 038_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_5965 039_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_5966 034_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_5854_food 042_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_6057_grand entrance 043_090309_nicolegoddard_toast 047_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_6218_cake 048_090309_nicolegoddard_cake cutting 049_090309_nicolegoddard_cake detail and sail boat 052_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_6282_group of bride and men 056_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_6401_sunset_bride_groom 056_090309_nicolegoddard_bride_sailboat 058_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_6474_first dance 059_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_6489_First Dance 060_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_6528_first dance_black and white 062_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_6576_daughter_father_dance 063_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_6605_dance_mother & groom 064_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_6664_dancing 067_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_6993_dancing 066_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_6862_dancing 068_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_7091_Shereton Maui 3_090309_nicolegoddard_mg_6950_tracie_nicole

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