Yoga Studio Shoot

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In 2006, I took these shots of Michel, in hopes to familiarize myself with a digital camera since I had been shooting film up until then (actually, until 2008).  Now, I am 100% digital. I do get the occasitonal film request. I’ll never turn down a film shoot! A few days ago, Michel asked to use some of these images for her new yoga studio opening up in Eastlake– Seattle. These photos will soon be featured on her new website. It’s yet to be launched, but when it does, I am going to be thrilled to see my images on it. Michel and her business partner, Scott, were 2 of my yoga inspirations when I used to practice yoga in Seattle. Congrats you two, I am so excited to practice yoga in your new studio next time I am in town! Namaste. Here are some of my favorite shots from that session: 3_100306_nicolegoddardnnfp100306470_yoga 1_100306_nicolegoddardnnfp100306458_yoga_hands 7_100306_nicolegoddardnnfp100306499_yoga_pose 8_100306_nicolegoddardnnfp100306505_yoga_namaste 6_100306_nicolegoddardnnfp100306488_yoga_pose 2_100306_nicolegoddardnnfp100306464_back_yoga 5_100306_nicolegoddardnnfp100306478_yoga_armtwist 4_100306_nicolegoddardnnfp100306477_yogaPose 9_100306_nicolegoddardnnfp100306516_chataranga_pose_yoga

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